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Captives of Cobra, Part 1

31st of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Christy Marx. First aired October 29, 1985.

Previous episode: The Germ
Next episode: Captives of Cobra, Part 2

An accident at a Cobra lab in the mountains creates a growing mass of piezo-electric crystals. The Joe Team is assigned to investigate, and a few Joes on leave are placed on emergency stand-by. Duke's team discovers the crystals are explosive and a threat to a nearby town. Unwilling to risk an attack near the crystals, the Baroness devises a plan to force the Joes to surrender them. Storm Shadow steals a disk with info on the identity and families of the Joes on vacation. As each Joe is recalled to duty, his or her family is kidnapped by Cobra.

Relatives of Quick Kick, Scarlett, Thunder, Shipwreck, Spirit, and Barbecue are connected to a machine and brainwashed with the help of a panicky, reluctant scientist. The recalled Joes load the crystals onto an ATV and provide an escort as they are transported. Around a blind curve, the Joes find their families blocking the road and ready to fire on the ATV.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Duke157 seconds31 linesrecalling Joes to investigate crystals, transporting crystals in ATV
Baroness125 seconds18 lineskidnapping and brainwashing Joe family members, disguised as fire chief
Gung-Ho124 seconds11 linesrecalled from vacation to investigate crystals, transporting them in ATV
Barbecue99 seconds11 lineswith father in Boston, in Silver Mirage to escort crystals
Scarlett95 seconds17 lineswith father and brothers in Atlanta, in Silver Mirage to escort crystals
Shipwreck95 seconds11 lineswith nephew in San Diego, in Silver Mirage to escort crystals
Tripwire84 seconds5 linesflying Dragonfly to investigate crystals, transporting crystals in ATV
Quick Kick74 seconds7 lineswith parents in Los Angeles, in Silver Mirage to escort crystals
Spirit70 seconds5 lineswith grandfather and cousin in Arizona, in Silver Mirage to escort crystals
Lady Jaye63 seconds4 linesat HQ during crystal accident, transporting crystals in ATV
Storm Shadow56 seconds4 linesat Pentagon stealing Joe info, kidnapping Scarlett's family
Thunder56 seconds4 lineswith father, mother, and sister in Louisville, in Silver Mirage to escort crystals
Alpine49 seconds1 lineflying Dragonfly to investigate crystals
Cobra Commander42 seconds8 linesplacing Crimson Guard at Baroness's disposal to brainwash Joe families
Dusty28 seconds5 linestesting power of explosive crystals in desert
Tomax23 seconds5 lineskidnapping Joe family members
Xamot22 seconds5 lineskidnapping Joe family members
Tollbooth20 seconds1 lineusing Bridgelayer to allow Duke's team to cross a canyon
Wild Bill9 seconds1 linewaiting to transport Gung-Ho, flying Dragonfly to crystal site
Background Characters
Footloose25 seconds (silent)driving A.W.E. Striker at test of power of explosive crystals in desert
Troops Appearing
Crimson Guard84 seconds3 lineskidnapping Joe family members, driving Ferrets
Tele-Viper46 seconds2 linesmanning controls at Baroness's base
Cobra7 seconds at doomed laboratory, flying Rattlers to escape
Greenshirt3 seconds preparing to transport explosive crystals
Vehicles Appearing
Bridge Layer38 seconds used to allow Duke's team to cross a canyon
Silver Mirage37 seconds used to escort explosive crystals
Dragonfly25 seconds flown to site to investigate crystals
A.W.E. Striker23 seconds driven at test of explosive crystals
Ferret6 seconds used by Crimson Guards to capture Spirit's family (miscolored green)
Rattler3 seconds used to evacuate Cobra lab
Non-Toy Characters: Cobra delivery man, Army soldiers, Mr. Ito, Mi Hai Ito, Mrs. Jackson, Sean O'Hara, Brian O'Hara, Patrick O'Hara, Frank O'Hara, Flo Breckinridge, Chrissy Breckinridge, Mr. Breckinridge, Jesse Delgado, Jesse's mother, Spirit's Grandfather, Vena, Mr. Kelly, Dr. Marks.
Non-Toy Equipment: G.I. Joe ATV.

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.2 set (Disc 7, Episode 6)