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A Real American Hero
Opening Sequence

1st of 5 Sunbow opening sequences. First aired September 12, 1983.

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Joe vehicles move across a rocky landscape, and we see Cobra positioned outside Joe Headquarters, trying to blow their way in. Stalker flies in with a jet pack, removes the bomb, and destroys it in the air. After a training montage, the battle takes to the skies until Cobra Commander is shot out of his FANG, and Cobra troops on the streets of a city retreat. In the last shot, the Joes pose in front of a US flag backdrop.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Duke10 seconds1 linebattle cry, leading base and city assaults, landing in JUMP, in final pose
Cobra Commander15 seconds with troops outside Joe HQ, flying F.A.N.G. in city assault
Stalker15 seconds in J.U.M.P. and with Duke in base assault, obstacle course, fighting at farm
Flash11 seconds in V.A.M.P. with Clutch, driving R.A.M., target practice, in final pose
Destro9 seconds with troops outside Joe HQ, retreating from city assault
Scarlett9 seconds on battlefield with Duke, in final pose
Clutch8 seconds driving V.A.M.P. during base assault, in final pose
Gung-Ho8 seconds on battlefield with Duke, lifting weights, in final pose
Steeler7 seconds on battlefield with Duke, sparring with Rock 'n Roll, in final pose
Snake Eyes6 seconds on battlefield with Duke, in final pose
Rock 'n Roll5 seconds on battlefield with Duke, sparring with Steeler, in final pose
Zap5 seconds on battlefield with Duke, in V.A.M.P., in final pose
Airborne4 seconds flying Falcon Glider in base and city assaults
Bludd, Maj.4 seconds retreating from city assault
Breaker3 seconds on battlefield with Duke
Cover Girl3 seconds driving Wolverine in base assault, in final pose
Short-Fuze3 seconds on battlefield with Duke, in final pose
Troops Appearing
Cobra13 seconds on foot and in outside Joe HQ, fighting in city streets
Vehicles Appearing
H.I.S.S.9 seconds positioned outside Joe HQ and fighting in city streets
F.A.N.G.8 seconds fighting over the city
M.O.B.A.T.8 seconds fighting on rocky terrain
J.U.M.P.7 seconds used by Stalker and Duke
Skystriker6 seconds flying over rocky terrain
V.A.M.P.5 seconds traveling over rocky terrain
Dragonfly4 seconds flying over rocky terrain, fighting over the city
Falcon Glider4 seconds flying over rocky terrain, fighting over the city
R.A.M.1 second traveling over rocky terrain (0:23)
Wolverine1 second fighting on rocky terrain (0:26)

Misc. Notes

  • This miniseries, originally aired as G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, was retitled G.I. Joe: The M.A.S.S. Device for the 2008 DVD figure set and A Real American Hero: The M.A.S.S. Device for the Shout!Factory DVD release.
  • Though originally only aired with this miniseries, this is perhaps the most famous opening sequence, since it appeared on VHS releases of G.I. Joe episodes from Family Home Entertainment and is commonly used in advertisements for other G.I. Joe home releases.
  • Perhaps due to such frequent use, the visual quality of this sequence is noticeably degraded on the Shout!Factory DVD release, compared to earlier releases (grainy with colors bleeding slightly).
  • The sequence with Duke charging toward the screen and the G.I. Joe logo was reused for the season 1 opening sequence.
  • The lyric "It's G.I. Joe against Cobra and Destro" was changed to "It's G.I. Joe against Cobra the enemy" for Sunbow's later uses of the song, and to "It's G.I. Joe against a ruthless enemy" for DiC's Operation Dragonfire.
  • While most Joes raise a single fist in the final shot, Gung-Ho raises both arms, Zap lifts his rifle over his head, and Scarlett strikes a fashion model pose.
  • The five DVD figure sets released in 2008 each came with a piece of the M.A.S.S. Device featured in this miniseries, and several of 2008's figures came with element canisters.