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Episode 140: "Where the Apple Lies"

Aired 10/8/2016, story by Meghan McCarthy (her twenty-fifth episode) & Dave Rapp (his third); written by Dave Rapp
Quick Take: MLP addresses the problem of lying with the story of how Applejack became honest. It's a lesson Apple Bloom desperately needs, based on her often-seen penchant for dishonesty. But this is also great for AJ's character, for show backstory, and for the lesson, as she lies for the same reason most of us do: to avoid trouble. But as so often happens, the lie creates even more trouble. The whole scenario is played for laughs, but the story manages to work without insulting the intelligence of the other characters. Filthy Rich (who's a nice medium shade of grey here, morally) is definitely on to Applejack, calling her out every step of the way, and Granny lets slip a hint here and there that she's more aware of things than she appears to be on the surface. Things get silly-dark as Big Mac is nearly "pruned"; that and several little background jokes in the hospital sequence reveal that the creators are still having lots of fun making this show. Overall, this is a mild episode, roughly average for the series as a whole, but a must-see for its depiction of AJ's teen years.

Where the Apple Lies armor rating: Iron Armor
Ranked 20th of 26 season-six episodes
Ranked 149th of 233 stories overall

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