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Episode 142: "To Where and Back Again Part 1"

Aired 10/22/2016, written by Josh Haber (his thirteenth episode) & Mike Vogel (his eighth)
Quick Take: All the Starlight Glimmer and Crystal Empire episodes for this season have been building to this finale. Starlight's long-awaited return to her village is just what it would be in real life: dreaded and awkward. But she does it, demonstrating her strength of character. She's also growing in her willingness to open up to the Mane Six, while retaining her independent streak by going to the village with Trixie rather than Twilight. The behavior of the imposters is delightfully "off" in a way that doesn't quite give away what's happened, and Luna's warning to Starlight is simultaneously chilling and awesome. I can't say enough good things about Trixie here. I've never been much of a Trixie fan, but after some missteps in previous seasons, she's finally receiving the portrayal she deserves. Discord's entrance here is fabulous, coming just as we were about to think he ought to show up. My only complaint is that I still miss the processing/double-tracking of Chrysalis' original voice. The last time I looked forward to a part 2 with this much anticipation, Will Riker was ordering the Enterprise to fire on a Borg vessel.

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