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Episode 121: "On Your Marks"

Aired 4/9/2016, story by Dave Polsky (his fourteenth episode); written by Dave Polsky & Josh Haber (his tenth)
Quick Take: Presumably set very soon after Crusaders of the Lost Mark. The plot makes sense, given the CMC's myopic focus on cutie marks and the fact they have usually had their adventures together. But I'm not sure Apple Bloom's the best choice for the Crusader who has trouble processing the idea of time apart from them. She's the one with the most non-CMC time on screen, thanks to her family ties and her friendship with Zecora. Scootaloo would have been the more natural lesson-learner here. The fact that the country character holds the Idiot Ball for most of the episode leaves a bad taste in my mouth. AB may be a worrier, but she's usually pretty bright, especially about things like this. That being said, we get a fun montage and a beautiful solo, and Apple Bloom's interest and ineptitude with dancing is a nice callback. Setting aside the character issues, it's a fun little episode, one of only three for the Crusaders this season.

On Your Marks armor rating: Iron Mail
Ranked 24th of 26 season-six episodes
Ranked 172nd of 233 stories overall

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