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Episode 123: "No Second Prances"

Aired 4/30/2016, written by Nick Confalone (his third episode)
Quick Take: If you look at my review for What About Discord, you'll see this plot is what I would have liked that episode to be: Twilight's forgiveness policy put to the test as a pardoned villain challenges her trust. Trixie's actually the better choice for this, because she was never truly evil. She had a brief bout of villainy (much as Twilight did in Lesson Zero), and Twilight forgave her for that, but the attitude problem that makes her a natural antagonist still remains. But the appeal of this episode is in how absolutely real Starlight and Trixie are here. They deal with the situation as real-life humans would. Aside from the shoehorned-in cameos, the humor adds to the formula, making this one of the series' best dramatic episodes, alongside Hurricane Fluttershy and Tanks for the Memories. It's this episode that won me over to having Starlight as part of the main cast.

No Second Prances armor rating: Crystal Mail
Ranked 8th of 26 season-six episodes
Ranked 57th of 233 stories overall

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