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Episode 128: "Flutter Brutter"

Aired 6/4/2016, story by Meghan McCarthy (her twenty-second episode); written by Dave Rapp (his second)
Quick Take: My pick for best episode of the first half of season 6, mostly for its portrayal of Fluttershy, but also for taking on the issue of what it means to be a responsible adult. Yes, this is a series for kids, but kids need a way to visualize what being a grown-up ought to look like. I love the fact that we get a good look at the point of view of everyone affected: the "deadbeat," the sibling, the parents, and the friends, and it's all very true-to-life. Also, as frustrating a character as Zephyr Breeze is, he's not just a flatly lazy or inconsiderate character. Lazy and inconsiderate he is, but it's borne of a narcissism that serves as a defense against his self-doubt. Fluttershy has the same self-doubt in her background, so she can identify, but she's dealt with it more constructively. The fact the creators can make a character so annoying but still treat him fairly is a testament to the smart writing this show's best episodes all share.

Flutter Brutter armor rating: Genji Armor
Ranked 3th of of 26 season-six episodes
Ranked 10th of 233 stories overall

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