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Episode 127: "Applejack's 'Day' Off"

Aired 5/28/2016, written by Michael P. Fox & Wil Fox (their second episode),
with Neal Dusedau also contributing to the story (his third episode)
Quick Take: Applejack and Rarity are a fun pair to watch, but this story really didn't grab me. Some of the "Rarijack" interactions don't quite ring true (too gushy, perhaps), Dash's hooficure indulgence comes out of nowhere and clashes with Ponyville Confidential, and Twilight's side of the story and its conclusion seem more like a parody of the show than a realistic riffing on her character traits. I do like the angle on Applejack's obsession with fixing problems and her tendency to fill up her schedule with chores. We've seen in the past that she doesn't really know how to let loose; she usually has her fun and bonds with others by doing work together. If they'd brought the craziness down a notch and approached this as a more thoughtful exploration of the problem, I think it would have been a better fit for all the characters involved. It's still funny enough to be a strong episode, and I'm willing to let some of my character consistency complaints slide since I know I'm more uptight than most viewers about that sort of thing. Overall, just slightly disappointing.

Applejack's "Day" Off armor rating: Iron Mail
Ranked 23rd of 26 season-six episodes
Ranked 165th of 233 stories overall

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