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G.I. Joe Accessory Guide:

This page contains primary headgear that fits over the top of the head: hats, caps, helmets, cowls, and whole-head masks. Other accessories that attach to the figure's head are listed under facewear.


olive: 82 Short-Fuze
olive: 82 Breaker
lt green: 82 Zap
olive: 82 Flash
dk green: 82 Rock 'n Roll
olive: 82 Grunt
dk green: 82 Hawk
dk green: 82 Grand Slam
dk green: 82 Clutch
lt green: 82 Steeler
dk green: 83 Grand Slam
tan: 83 Grunt
lt green: carded 83 Duke
lt green: some 84 Roadblock
brown: Battle Gear #1
tan: 84 Clutch
lt green: 84 Thunder
forest green x2: Battle Gear #2
lt blue+star: 87 Staduster
tan: 88 Duke
red-brown: 88 Skystriker
black: 89 Mutt
green: 97 Duke
green: 97 Hawk
green: 97 Breaker
green: 97 Grunt
green: 97 Rock 'n Roll
green: 97 Short-Fuze
green: 97 Zap
forest green: 98 Thunderwing
lt green: 83 Airborne
green: Battle Gear #2
tan: 83 Doc
green: Battle Gear #2
white/clear: 83 Ace
grey/clear: 98 Ace
lt green: mail 83 Duke
lt green: 84 Roadblock
grey: Battle Gear #3
yellow/black: 88 Roadblock
olive: 01 Double Blast
remolded green: 05 Breaker
black: 84 Mutt
grey: Battle Gear #3
black: 89 Mutt
black: 84 Rip Cord
black: 85 Parachute Pack
grey: Battle Gear #3
yellow: 84 Blowtorch
grey: Battle Gear #3
lt green: 85 Bazooka
red-brown: 88 Bazooka
green/brown: 85 Footloose
lt green: 86 Claymore
brown: Battle Gear #5
black: 89 Footloose
grey: 85 Crankcase
dk brown: 87 Rumbler
brown: Battle Gear #5
chrome: 88 Super Trooper
brt green: 91 Rapid-Fire
black: 01 Sure Fire
lt green: 86 Hawk
brown: Battle Gear #5
white: 87 Law
white: 91 Law
white: 00 Law
white/black (glued): 87 Gung-Ho
lt grey: 87 Back-Stop
dk grey: 87 Ice Viper
white/gold: 07 Ice-Viper
brown: 87 WORMS
red/silver: 87 Gyro-Viper
white/gold: 87 Payload
yellow/clear: 89 Payload
blue: 87 Maverick
yellow-green: 87 Knockdown
white/blue: 88 Blizzard
silver/red: 88 Charbroil
blue/red: 89 Charbroil
blue/red: 88 Lightfoot
black/red: 89 Lightfoot
blue/brown: 88 Toxo-Viper
tan/orange: 88 Spearhead
grey/black: 89 Spearhead
dk grey/yellow: 88 Astro-Viper
black/green: 93 Astro-Viper
black/red: 01 Shadow Viper
red/silver: 88 Budo
orange/blue: 93 Budo
red/black: 88 Hydro-Viper
lt green: 88 Sgt. Slaughter
dk green: 88 Wildcard
brt green: 91 Major Altitude
orange: 93 Major Altitude
clear: 88 Secto-Viper
green/red: 89 Scoop
blue/white: 89 Countdown
red/white: 93 Countdown
green/blue: 94 Countdown
tan: 89 Gnawgahyde
black: 04 Crusher
orange: 89 Downtown
orange: 89 Deep Six
neon yellow: 93 Deep Six
black: 89 Hot Seat
black: 89 Wild Boar
lt grey: 89 Long Range
black (glued): 05 Gen. Mayhem
gold: 89 Aero-Viper
lt green: 90 Grid-Iron
lt grey: 90 Topside
dk green: 90 Ambush
tan: 93 Ambush
lt brown/silver: 90 Salvo
olive: 90 Freefall
silver/black: 90 Laser-Viper
gold/black: 03 Laser-Viper
lt grey: 90 Metal-Head
silver: 90 Altitude
silver/red: 90 Airborne
silver: 90 Drop Zone
silver/black: 90 Static Line
silver/black: 90 Skydive
silver: 90 Airwave
gold: 90 Overlord
dk grey/white: 90 Updraft
dk grey/white: 90 Decimator
gold: 90 Maj. Storm
gold: 03 Maj. Storm
black: 91 Low-Light
black: 93 Low-Light
black: 01 Low-Light
gold: 91 Hawk
lt blue: 93b Roadblock
yellow: 93b Hawk
black: 94 Roadblock
black/silver: 91 Sci-Fi
white/blue: 93 Sci-Fi
blue/black: 91 Red Star
black: 98 Col. Brekhov
green/black: 91 Grunt
yellow: 91 Flint
yellow/blue: 91 Clean-Sweep
blue/yellow: 91 Ozone
red/blue: 93a Ozone
red/blue: 93b Ozone
dk red/gold: 94 Ozone
gold/orange: 91 Cesspool
dk grey: most 92 Zap
silver: some 92 Zap
tan: 92 Duke
dk green: 01 Duke
dk green: 01 Side Track
dk green: 01 Leatherneck
green: 05a Infantry Division
green: 05b Infantry Division
green: 05c Infantry Division
green: 05d Infantry Division
green: 05e Infantry Division
green: 05f Infantry Division
yellow: 92 Wet-Suit
orange: 93 Wet-Suit
black/yellow: 98 Torpedo
white/green: 92 Ace
black/green: 93 Ace
white/black: 94 Action Pilot
brown: 97 Ace
brown: 92 Gen. Flagg
brown: 93 Gen. Flagg
gold/red: 92 Barricade
gold/red: 93 Barricade
silver/green: 94 Gears
blue: 92 Wild Bill
blue: 93 Wild Bill
dk blue: 00 Wild Bill
green: 92 Bullet-Proof
green: 93 Bullet-Proof
black: 92 Shockwave
orange: 93b Gung-Ho
black/blue: 05b Gung Ho
orange: 93 Blast-Off
black/blue: 05 Dragonsky
black: 93 Robo-JOE
silver/clear: 93b Duke
gold/clear: 93a Hawk
grey/purple: 93 Rock 'n Roll
lt green: 93 Heavy Duty
clear/black: 93 Destro
dk yellow: 93 Mace
brown-grey: 93 Muskrat
orange/clr blue: 93 Long Arm
green/clear: 08 Long Arm
tan/black: 94 Flint
blue/yellow: 94 Dial-Tone
black/clear: 94 Duke
silver/pink: 94 Sci-Fi
white: 94 Space Shot
black/yellow: 94 Cobra Cmdr.
blue/black: 94 Effects
white: 94 Action Astronaut
white: 05 Flash
black/silver: 02a Wet-Suit
green/silver: 02b Wet-Suit
black/silver: 03 Night Creeper
black: 02a Zartan
dk red: 02b Zartan
clear: 03a Zartan
black: 03b Zartan
dk grey: 04c Zartan
brown/red: 02 Blowtorch
yellow/red: 03 Blowtorch
blue/gold: 02c Duke
grey/black: 03a Wild Bill
black/grey: 03 Tomax
black/grey: 03 Xamot
brown/black: 04a Wild Bill
blue/gold: 04f Duke
red-brown: 02 Wild Bill
brown: 03b Wild Bill
black: NF Grizzly Wild Bill
green: 03a Cross Hair
dk grey: 03b Cross Hair
grey/blue: 04 Shipwreck
tan: 04 Cross Hair
green spotted: 05 Shipwreck
green (glued): 06 CLASSIFIED
red/gold: 03 CLAWS Cmdr.
purple/red: 03 Tunnel Rat
black/blue: 03a Over Kill
purple/red: 03b Over Kill
black/blue: 04 Over Kill
grey/red: 03 Sgt. Hacker
blue-green: 03 Scalpel
black: 03b Duke
grey/silver: 03 Burn Out
black/red: 03a Iron Grenadier
grey/gold: 03b Iron Grenadier
black/red: 04 Iron Grenadier
silver/red: 03 Barrel Roll
green/silver: 03a Grunt
grey/red: 03a Sand Viper
grey/black: 03c Grunt
tan/red: 03b Sand Viper
black: 04a Grunt
black: 05b Sand Viper
black/silver: 03a Shipwreck
black/silver/red: 03b Shipwreck
blue/silver: 05a Cobra Cmdr.
black/red: 03 Depth Charge
grey/blue: 03a Coil
black/silver: 03b Coil
red/blue: 03c Coil
yellow/black: 03 Red Spot
red/yellow: 03b Grunt
green: 03 Switch Gears
tan: 04 Switch Gears
red/grey: 03 Switch Gears
yellow/red: 03 Heavy Duty
gold/red: 06a Nullifier
silver/blue: 06b Nullifier
grey: 03b Gung Ho
green: 04b Gung Ho
dk black: 04c Gung Ho
dk green: 05a Gung Ho
green/yellow: 03 Halo Jumper
green/yellow: 03 Airborne
blue/green: 07 Copperhead
grey/blck: 09b Pyth. Copperhead
03a Agent Faces
03a Agent Faces
03b Zartan
03b Zartan
red/black: 03b Agent Faces
red/black: 04a Crimson Guard
red/black: 04b Crimson Guard
red/black: 04c Crimson Guard
red/black: 05a Crimson Guard
black: 05 Crimson Shadow Guard
grey/black: 04a Ace
tan/black: 04b Ace
brown/yellow: 04a Swamp Rat
green/yellow: 04b Swamp Rat
grey/black: some 04c Swamp Rat
grn/yellow: some 04c Swamp Rat
green/silver: 04 Leatherneck
cream/tan: 04a Dusty
black: 04b Wild Bill
black: 05 Wild Bill
grey/orange: 04 Backblast
black/silver: 04b Barrel Roll
black/silver: 05 Cannonball
black/green: 04 Barricade
black/green: 04 Charbroil
black/green: 04c Duke
black/green: 04b Mutt
black/green: 04c Roadblock
green/black: 04 Bazooka
green/black: 05 Bazooka
lt grey/black: 04 Slip Stream
dk green: 04 Rollbar
tan/brown: 05a Duke
black: 05 Rollbar
green/black: 06 Grand Slam
green/gold: 04 Gen. Flagg
green: 04 Steeler
brown: 07 Steeler
grey/gold: 05 Snow Wolf
white/black: 05 Snow Serpent
red/black: 05 Razorclaw
blue: 05a Cobra Cmdr.
lt green: 05 Serpentor
white: 05d Storm Shadow
green/grey: 05 Gen. Abernathy
silver/grey: 05b Cobra Cmdr.
green/black: 05 Footloose
black/red: 05 Maj. Bludd
black/grey: 05 Range Viper
black/silver: 05 Salvo
black: 05 Barrel Roll
black/green: 06 SAW Viper
blue/red: 06a Cobra Trooper
gold/red: 06 Overlord
black: 06 Skull Squad Trooper
blue/red: 07 Clay Moore
blue/white: 08e Cobra Officer
black: 06 Med Alert
gold: 06 Hannibal
black: 07 Rowdy Roddy Piper
gold/silver: 07 Serpentor
gold: 08a Serpentor
olive/red: 06 Misha
green/silver: 06 Lady Jaye
olive/silver: 07 Grand Slam
olive/silver: 07 Starduster
green/grey: 06 Red Zone
green/grey: 06 Rook
green/grey: 06 Checkpoint
black/red: 06 Guillotine
blue/black: 07 Cobra Officer
blue/black: 07 Air Trooper
grey: 07 Vehicle Driver
blue/black: 08a Cobra Officer
blck/brn: 08 Nt. Wtch. Officer
blue/black: 08b Cobra Officer
black/white: 08 Cobra Driver
red/black: 08 Cobra Pilot
dk grey: 08 Vehicle Gunner
tan/black: 08d Cobra Officer
tan/black: 08f Cobra Trooper
olive: 07 Duke
olive/black: 07 Roadblock
green: 07 Grunt
tan: 07 Sparks
brt green: 08a Duke
olive: 08a Rock 'n Roll
dk green: 08b Duke
dk green: 08c Duke
olive: 08d Duke
olive: 08a Steeler
olive: 08 Double Clutch
olive: 08a G.I. Joe Trooper
olive: 08b G.I. Joe Trooper
olive: 08c G.I. Joe Trooper
olive: 08d G.I. Joe Trooper
lt green: 08e Duke
dk green: 08 Short-Fuze
lt green: 08b Rock 'n Roll
blue: 07b Cobra Cmdr.
black: 07c Cobra Cmdr.
lt blue/red: 08a Cobra Cmdr.
blue/white: 08c Cobra Cmdr.
blue/white: 08f Cobra Cmdr.
dk blue/silver: 08j Cobra Cmdr.
blue: 07a Cobra
blue: 07b Cobra
blue: 07c Cobra Trooper
black: 08a Night Watch Trooper
black: 08b Night Watch Trooper
black: 08c Night Watch Trooper
black: 08d Night Watch Trooper
blue: 08a Cobra Trooper
grey: 08c Python Officer
blue: 08b Cobra Trooper
blue: 08b Flint
dk blue: 08c Cobra Trooper
tan: 08d Cobra Trooper
tan: 08f Cobra Trooper
blue/silver: 07 Air Trooper
tan/black: 08f Cobra Trooper
blk/blue: 07 Night Stalker Cmdr.
black/red: 07a Night Stalker
black/red: 07b Night Stalker
black/red: 07c Night Stalker
white: 08 Snow Job
olive: 08 Flash
dk green: 08a Hawk
olive: 08 Grunt
dk green+eagle: 08b Hawk
lt blue: 08 Skyduster
tan: 08b Steeler
olive: 08a Breaker
green: 08 Crankcase
dk green: 08 Grand Slam
olive: 08b Breaker
silver/red: 08b Cobra Cmdr.
silver/red: 08k Cobra Cmdr.
white/clear: 08a Ace
green/clear: 08a Deep Six
red/black: 08b Crimson Guard
brown/silver: 08f Crimson Guard
cherry/black: 09 crimson Guard
black/red: 08e Cobra Cmdr.
tan/red: 08 Doc
blue/gold: 08a Wild Bill
dk brown: 08b Wild Bill
tan: 08c Wild Bill
lt brown: 09 Wild Bill
blue/red: 08 Red Star
lt green/grey: 08 Bazooka
green/black: 08c Hawk
green/silver: 09 Hawk
black/brown: 08 Mutt
grey/silver: 08 Para-Viper
blue/blck: 08 Cob. Bazooka Trpr.
grey/black: 09 Stinger Driver
green/black: 08b Ace
brown/black: 08b Wild Bill
blue/black: 08c Wild Bill
yellow/black: 09 Wild Bill
clear: 08b Deep Six
clear: 08c Deep Six
silver/red: 08 Trakker
green/blue: 08 Airborne
grey/clear: 08 Eel
blue/silver: 08b Scarlett
tan/brown: 08 Dusty
gold: 08b Serpentor
copper: 08 Montezuma
lt blue/white: 08l Cobra Cmdr.
blue: 08 Cobra Paratrooper
black: 08 Night Viper
red/black: 09 Lift Ticket
blue/white: 09a Cobra Cmdr.
black/red: 09d Cobra Cmdr.
blue: 09a Cobra Trooper
red: 09 Cobra Officer
red: 09b Cobra Trooper
yellow: 09 Blowtorch
lt blue: 09 Shockblast
black: 09 Shockblast
silver/brown: 09a Storm Shadow
black/silver: 09c Duke

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