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G.I. Joe Accessory Guide: Accessory Attachments

This page contains accessories that attach to or complete other accessories. This includes bipods, tripods, ammo boxes and belts, detachable handles and antennas, and other small items that may be separated from their counterparts. Many of these objects appear in other sections as part of a multi-piece accessory. Also, this list is selective; not all parts of such accessories are pictured here.


dk grey: 82 Short-Fuze
black: 97 Short-Fuse
black: 08 Short-Fuze
dk grey: 82 Rock 'n Roll
grey: Battle Gear #1
black: 97 Rock 'n Roll
lt green: 84 Roadblock
tan: Battle Gear #3
dk grey: 88 Roadblock
black: 01 Double Blast
black: 02a Heavy Duty
black: 02c Heavy Duty
black: 03am Roadblock
black: 04 Kwinn
black: 04c Roadblock
black: 05a Roadblock
silver: 08a Roadblock
black: 08d Viper
red-brown: 84 Roadblock
lt green: 88 Roadblock
black: 84 Scrap-Iron
red: Battle Gear #4
grey: 84 Firefly
white: 98 Firefly
black: 00 Firefly
black: 03a Firefly
black: 03b Firefly
black: 04c Firefly
black: 05a Firefly
black: 05b Firefly
black: 85 Dusty
black: 88 Dusty
black: 85 Eel
blue: Battle Gear #6
black: 08 Eel
grey: 85 Snow Serpent
brown: Battle Gear #6
black: 91 Tunnel Rat
grey: 08a Snow Serpent
grey: 08 Snow Serpent Officer
grey: 08b Snow Serpent Trpr.
grey: 08d Viper
black: 86 Low-Light
brown: Battle Gear #5
black: 89 Low-Light
black: 05 Mirage
silver: 86 Roadblock
black: 91 Law
lt grey: 86a Dial-Tone
lt grey: 86b Dial-Tone
black: 87 Crazylegs
black: 88 Crazylegs
green: 87 Falcon
black: 88 Falcon
silver: 08 Falcon
black: 08b Tele-Viper
red: 87 Psyche-Out
black: 88 Psyche-Out
lt green: 87 Sneak Peek
black: 88 Sneak Peek
white: 87 Payload
lt grey: 89 Payload
black: 88 Repeater
black: 89 Repeater
silver x2: 88 Astro-Viper
black x2: 01 Shadow Viper
silver x2: 88 Astro-Viper
silver x2: 01 Shadow Viper
grey: 88 Hardball
black: 91 Dial-Tone
white: 89 Dee-Jay
black: 89 Gnawgahyde
olive: 89 Backblast
black: 89 Downtown
gold: 91 Viper
dk green: 89 Night-Viper
black/blue: 06 Night-Viper
lt grey: 89 Annihilator
black: 89 Annihilator
lt grey: 90 Topside
dk grey: 90 Sub-Zero
white: 90 Sub-Zero
silver x2: 90 Laser-Viper
black x2: 03 Laser-Viper
silver: 90 Laser-Viper
black: 03 Laser-Viper
black: 90 SAW-Viper
silver: 01 Zartan
dk green: 03 SAW Viper
black: 90 Range-Viper
black: 01 Rock Viper
black: 02 Headman
black: 05 Daina
black: 06 Frag-Viper
black: 06 Range-Viper
black: 90 Rampart
lt grey: 90 Rampart
dk green: 90 Stretcher
black: dk grey: 02 Sideswipe
black: 04 Lifeline
black: 07 Sparks
lt grey: 90 Stretcher
black: lt grey: 02 Sideswipe
black: 04 Lifeline
clear: 90 Stretcher
clear: 02 Sideswipe
black: 04 Lifeline
blue-green: 91 Dodger
clear red: 91 Heavy Duty
red-brown: 91 Dusty
black: 98 Cobra Officer
black: 98 Cobra Trooper
black: 00 Dial Tone
black: 01 Crossfire
black: 02a Duke
black: 02a Frostbite
black: 02b Duke
black: 02c Frostbite
black: 02 Gen. Tomahawk
black: 02as Stalker
black: 04b Firefly
black: 91 Big Ben
black: 91 Red Star
black: 98 Col. Brekhov
black: 03 Falcon
orange: 91 Grunt
orange: 91 Cobra Cmdr.
black: 92 Falcon
dk grey: 92 Zap
metallic: 03 Maj. Bludd
dk grey: most 92 Zap
silver: some 92 Zap
black: 05a Scrap Iron
dk grey: 92 Maj. Bludd
black: 92 Psyche-Out
blue: 92 Psyche-Out
brown: 92 Duke
white: 92 Cutter
red: 92 Duke
black: 92 Gen. Flagg
black: 93 Gen. Flagg
brt green: 92 Firefly
brt green: 93 Firefly
neon yellow: 93 Law
red: 93 Long Arm
silver x2: 03 Scalpel
blue x2: 05 Medi-Viper
brown: 03 Burn Out
black: 03 Wide Scope
dk grey: 08 Shockblast
brown: 03a Iron Grenadier
black: 05a Short-Fuze
black: 07 Snow Serpent Cmdr.
black: 03a Roadblock
black: 03b Roadblock
black: 03 Heavy Duty
black: 04a Roadblock
black: 03a Roadblock
black: 03b Roadblock
black: 03 Heavy Duty
black: 04a Roadblock
black: 03 Black Out
black: 04a Heavy Duty
dk grey: 06 Maj. Bludd
dk grey: 08 Low Light
grey: 05 Bazooka
clear red: 05 Torch
clear red: 05 Dragonsky
grey: 05a Tunnel Rat
black: 05 Rock 'n Roll
black: 06 CLASSIFIED
black: 05b Snake Eyes
dk grey: 06 Maj. Bludd
black: 07 Chuckles
grey: 05 Salvo
green: 06 Checkpoint
dk grey: 05 Barrel Roll
black: 06 SAW Viper
black x2: 06 Viper Pit
black: 06 Low Light
black: 06 Gallows
lt green: 07 Roadblock
black: 08b Night Watch Trooper
dk grey: 07 Rock 'n Roll
red: 07 Grand Slam
red: 07 Starduster
grey: 07 Firefly
grey: 08b Firefly
black: 09b Firefly
black: 07 Firefly
grey: 08b Firefly
green: 09b Firefly
clear pink: 08a Breaker
grey: 08a Rock 'n Roll
lt grey: 08b Rock 'n Roll
tan x3: 08 Spirit
black: 08a Firefly
black: 08d Cobra Officer
black: 09a Firefly
metallic: 09b Firefly
black: 08 Red Star
tan: 08 Lady Jaye
red-brown: 09 Lady Jaye
dk grey: 08 Nemesis Immortal
dk blue: 08 Para-Viper
green/black: 08 Trakker
grey x2: 08 Beachhead
dk brown: 08f Cobra Trooper
silver x2: 09 Beachhead
grey: 08 Dataframe
blue: 08b Tele-Viper
black: 08a Scrap-Iron
black: 08b Scrap-Iron
lt grey: 08 Cobra Paratrooper
black: 08e Cobra Officer
black/green: 08 Night-Viper
black: 09 Tunnel Rat
black: 09 Falcon
lt grey: 09d Cobra Cmdr.

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